About the Blog

This is sort of a side project to my main blog, Tiny House Town. I chronicle all kinds of tiny houses, but I thought having a separate blog for the homes of Tiny House Nation might be good for fans of the show who wanted to see photos and get extra information on the homes they saw on tv.

About the Show

Tiny House Nation features families from all over the US and shares their journey of going tiny. It's definitely a growing movement and the show does a great job in showing all kinds of innovative builds to accommodate everyone's diverse needs.

About Tiny Houses

A tiny house is a residential structure that measures 500 sq ft or less.  They aren't really a new phenomenon. Tee pees, the one-room cabins of the pioneers, the yurts of Mongolia- all examples of small structures people have lived in throughout history. But throughout the 1900's, as the middle class grew, so did the size of houses. Now, in the past few years, people are returning to their small dwelling roots.

Most people think of tiny houses as a home-looking thing on wheels, but there's a number of ways to go tiny; in an RV, a modular home, a park model home, a condo/apartment, a cabin, cottage, treehouses, or even any regular house- just as long as it's all under 500 sq ft!